Now Becoming | Spoken Word

I have a new favorite quote, what you are to be you are now becoming 

Like you can't tell me little Jimmy Hendrix wasn't air strumming before he got that guitar, and baby MJ wasn't hee hee before he became a star

And that you, didn't have a journey before you became who you are. And, you're not on that journey right now trying to figure out how to put your passion and profit in the same place

Get those dreams and thoughts into real space, get a taste

Of what success really means through your own eyes rather than on a screen 

So many stories we've seen and heard, so much they sound absurd like: Yo I wish I could do that. I wish I could go there. But, I was given this mediocre life man it's just not fair 

But, what if we knew life isn't what happens to us, but how we respond in this life journey we're all on we can quit or keep fighting like James Bond, but either way... this moment will be gone. 

So I ask what will your story mean? What will your story mean... because I know you've seen people get punched by life and simply go down attempting to tip toe safely until they're buried in the ground, but not you. 

Not us, I dare you to... No. I triple dog dare you to make a sound. I dare you to wake up before your time is out. 

Drop the towel of mediocrity, hop into the shower of life and belt your favorite song every morning. Without warning. 

Using your vocal cords past the point of swelling, and make your story one. worth. telling. 


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