Newest Projects!

Here's what I've been working on...


Featured at Laugh Fest Grand Rapids, opener for SNL's Brooks Wheelan, and winner of Last Laker Standing 2017. 


Performer on stages such as GV's Talent Showcase, Relay for Life, and more! Empowering music with a comedic nature


Featured at CUPSI Poetry Slam, opener for Neil Hilborne, One of 12 GR's Got Talent Frinalst. In addition to leading workshops at local schools.


Who is Nahshon Cook-Nelson?


Before Nahshon Cook-Nelson was performing for large audiences, and spreading entertainment & empowerment throughout Michigan, he had his share of obstacles to overcome. From growing up in a single-parent household, to being severely bullied for his race and weight in school, to being broke with piles of student loans to pay back. Nahshon's story is an example of how anyone can overcome obstacles and use their struggles as progress. Fast forward a few short years and Nahshon is on a path that he never imagined in high school. He has found his purpose of entertaining and empowering all ages to embrace one another, raise their awareness, and create a fruitful life! Nahshon to date has lead workshops, spoken, and performed at the following venues and events: LaughFest Grand Rapids, West Michigan Academy of Arts & Academics, CUPSI Poetry Slam, GRs Got Talent Showcase, Last Laker Standing, and more.